Emotions, Faith

Art for the Soul


There are times in life when your soul is craving peace and validation.   These last few months I have struggled with my path and purpose.  I,in essence,put everything on hold except getting through the day to day because the thought of exploring more was paralyzing.

I know in my soul I am a creative. I know there is more out there for me.  The whole 101 things in 1001 days was supposed to be a jumpstart.   Those should be the things exciting me not causing me doubt, worry, and anxiety.  But my inner ego, that little voice full of self doubt and self consciousness continued to win.

Then I saw this piece of art from Roberta Schramm and it spoke to that voice and it was quiet for awhile.

I was privileged enough to take a class from her soon after and created my own piece.  I feel as though my soul is speaking and I finally hear it above my ego.  And life is going to be good!




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